Monday, March 4, 2013

The toxic alchemy and cultural deification of black petroleum asphalt in America.

Azote: The absence of life, to wit, all life sustaining elements have been either withdrawn, or destroyed.

Much of our natural landscape has been coated with a black mat of solidified petroleum muck we call asphalt pavement. It is upon these hardened surfaces, that people park, junk, repair, operate, and race, their cars, trucks, and motorcycles, junkers and clunkers.
While many may think the semi solid black surface is stable and benign, it is rarely so.

Point of fact, vehicle tires do not wear out, roadway friction shreds and pulverizes the metal reinforced synthetics and rubber into fine dust particles that mix with asbestos brake linings, and all other roadway dust contaminants which become part of our air supply, and still toxic, falls and lands on the landscape and our children.

All photos (C) 2012 {D. T. Lange}

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