Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Urban Trees Portland Oregon

- Urban Trees Portland Oregon
On my daily walks through my surrounding neighborhoods, I keep finding tree and shrub leaves that look burned, scorched, or cooked. Others have dead-falls of leaves, fruits, or blossoms. Flowers are droopy and discolored as they sit on the plant.
Many appear to have been chemically embalmed, or have had their growth and vibrancy suddenly arrested. The ground is often littered with deeply tanned foliage that is not decomposing.
Some have dead leaves or flowers of a deep tan color that are still attached to the tree or plant.
Trees capture air pollution. 
The radiant heat from the sun can act like a furnace, and cook any chemicals from pollution that sits on exposed foliage. 
Plants and human are harmed by air pollution.
As well as air pollution, there are natural causes, and climate change to consider.