Avocados and Citrus

The year 2012 saw many botanical anomalies in the coastal area of Santa Barbara, California, USA.
Avocados and Avocado trees as observed in 2012 Santa Barbara, California, USA.

The right side of this palm tree trunk has a charred look, Santa Barbara, California, Aug 4. 2012. The right side faces traffic, and an onshore wind flow. The above Avocados with the smoldering black welts are from a tree to the left of the white red-tiled building, the Arlington Theater, in the background. Phytotoxic traffic dust carried by the wind bends around the building (right to left) and impacts the trees on its side. The Arlington Theater is also home to the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
Avocado crown 2012, Santa Barbara
Avocado tree in a asphalt parking lot serviced by power blowers on a weekly basis, W. Valerio St. in Santa Barbara, Feb. 12, 2012.

Santa Barbara's citrus trees showed signs of extreme stress in 2012.

All photos (C) 2012 {D. T. Lange}

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