Monday, May 19, 2014


These copper colored discolored blossoms and flower petals are on the upper parts of the bushes and shrubs, and all subject to vertical deposition of aerosol pollutants or phytotoxic fallouts. This condition is similar to that seen from herbicidal drift, or likely the contents of the ambient air has taken on some phytotoxic characteristics of a herbicide. Moisture may also play a part to form an acidic or harmful solution. Term it: tincture of smog. If you like.

 Flowers stressed & slumping petals look self embalmed in OR

Photos: (C) 2014 {DT LANGE}

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  1. It certainly feels like a seismic tipping point here on the east coast. Tree leaf out is suspended as though they are too exhausted to complete the task. A few hellish heat wave high pollution episodes and they will shrivel up never to emerge again. Rachel's spring has arrived.