Thursday, January 24, 2013

Black carbon - traffic dust - soot - fossil fuel America.

Fossil Fuels - Black Carbon - Traffic Dust - Soot in America.

Toxic black soot and traffic dust is found in abundance in public places such as, parks, playgrounds, and schools in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Santa Barbara County Administration Building address facade with black drippings,2012

All photos (C) 2012 {D. T. Lange}

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    I was the one who suggested using thermite to destroy petrol stations.
    Jeff Caligari
    I emailed that to my own email and Microsoft and Optus jumped and now I know why I never got replies to my emails and my designs were getting stolen.
    They took my licences, arrested me heading to embassies to report security breach.
    Turn the other way when stealing petrol only so they have ammo to pull out of their ass.
    Oh when he was 5 we used him but no one knew, we shut down every company he worked with, right up until they get busted then they get the dirt out.
    Long story but they work hard to keep people looking the other way or to scared to ask questions.
    Law enforcement is money making and murder, drug smuggling on military level protection, presidents elected are those who either cant do anything about it, dont know about it or are helping it.
    Not just US but those fucking idiots got an ego so big and want to stick their face on TV so much its the first face that cops the punch.
    Good work fuck heads.